Quality Policy

The basis of our company’s quality control is a quality management system, which we have developed in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard. ZÁHONY-PORT Zrt intends to meet international standards by its insistence on efficiency and dependability and by the continuous operation and development of its quality management system. Our company intends to meet its partners’ needs by offering superior transshipping and warehousing services. We meet customs warehousing needs and the needs of industrial parks set up in the Záhony Enterprise Zone by expanding our field of activities and by technological and technical developments tailored to our customers’ needs. Our IT system, developing in tandem with the broadening of logistical activities, the steadily improving professional expertise and the highly qualified human resources safeguard our quality policy. Over fifty years of experience in transshipping, continuous development dictated by market requirements and the permanent improvement of the quality of our activities ensure the continued strengthening of the inevitable bridge role of ZÁHONY-PORT.

Laszlo GUBIK
General Manager