Transloading services

We have developed our transloading services to meet the industrial and commercial needs of Hungary and the European Union. Our personnel have over sixty years, i.e. generations, of professional experience in operating the following transloading technologies:

  • Transloading
    loose bulk
  • Transloading
  • Crane

  • Tank-to-tank

  • Loading
    with small
  • Transloading
    log and wood

Transloading loose bulk goods

We can gravitationally or mechanically transload bulk goods in granular or powder form from self unloading broad wagons into open standard wagons or wagons that can be loaded from above. Bulk iron ore or coal consignments withstand adverse weather conditions, therefore, we can unload broad wagons by open-air chutes exploiting the force of gravity either into a repository area or directly into wagons.

Unloading is aided by hydraulic vibrators, shovels and sweepers mounted on the bridges of the slide-way. Unloading commodities are collected in gullets on the left side and are subsequently loaded speedily from those into standard gauge wagons by large capacity scoops mounted on heavy duty gantry cranes. The content of wagons unloaded to the right-hand side is funneled onto conveyor belts, which carry bulk commodities into the standard wagons. Wagons may also be loaded with large capacity loaders. The conveyor belts can load a standard wagon in less than 4 minutes.

In the storage area created next to the transloading system, we can store an amount of commodities equivalent to about 600 broad wagons. The transloading capacity of the chute is about 300 broad wagons a day, which amounts to about 18 000 tons of commodities.

Transloading bulk grain

Csigás átrakóThis technology has been designed to transload loose artificial fertilizers and bulk grains from broad gauge wagons into standard gage wagons or trucks. Grains arriving in hoppers are unloaded through the outlet at the bottom of the wagon into an underground gullet and are then transported by a scoop conveyor onto a horizontal conveyor belt system, where they are directed either into standard wagons or trucks by a diverter.

Its capacity is 1800 tons /day.


Crane loading

darukWood products, metal and non-ferrous metal waste, metal products, containers and industrial equipment which arrive in open wagons may be transloaded by gantry cranes or mobile loaders. We use cranes of a variety of different load capacities with different special clamps, which may be mounted on them, depending on the character, size and packaging of goods. Swap bodies may also be loaded on or off wagons. We have a total of 17 gantry cranes on four beams, two of which, if operated in synchrony, can hoist goods weighing at most as much as 120 tons.

We can store commodities of an amount of the equivalent of about 400 broad wagons right next to the gantry cranes and 1000 TEU containers next to gantry C.

Capacity: 7000 tons/day, and 500 TEUs/day

Tank-to-tank transloading

vegyiThe tank-to-tank chemical transloading terminal in Záhony permits the environment-friendly tank-to-tank transloading of mineral oil and petroleum products, solvents, and alcohols arriving in tank cars. Closed tank-to-tank transloading systems ensure the safe, lossless and non-mixing transshipping of commodities into wagons or tanker trucks. The following types of materials can be transshipped at the terminal: (all types of) petrol, diesel oil and its derivatives, varieties of alcohol (ethanol, methanol, butanol), xylol, toluol, benzene and varieties of cooking oil.

At the Komoró transshipping terminal, we can transload various kinds of heavy oil commodities and other tanked commodities which require heating into tanker trucks or standard gauge tank wagons.

The combined capacity of the transloading premises is 7500 tons/day.

Loading with small machinery

TargoncaAlthough all kinds of manual and mechanical material handling are employed in Záhony, the most frequently employed technology is transloading unit loads and palletted consignments, which we can transload with forklift trucks with a capacity of as much as 3 tons, if necessary, into standard wagons or trucks. Bale clamps or paper roll clamps may be mounted on the forklift trucks in place of the forks, which permit transloading paper rolls that measure 1.3m in diameter and weigh as much as 1.7 tons.

As complementary services, we offer unit load formation, shrink-wrapping, strapping, quantity control and piece counting and storage of domestic and customs goods either in open or in covered storage spaces.

Transloading capacity: 2900 tons/day.


Transloading log and wood products

fatárolóLog and wood products are transloaded at the Eperjeske Terminal and in the Komoró log yard with gantry cranes and mobile loaders. We can load, unload and transload commodities requiring public customs warehousing in the Komoró public customs warehousing premises with 2 gantry cranes and mobile loaders. Here we have a non-paved area of 73,000 m2, which also functions as a public customs warehouse.

Complementary services:
-Re-packaging, unitizing by shrink-wrapping or strapping
-Quantity control and piece counting of various types of goods
-Global transshipping
– not retaining broad wagon unit
– to take full advantage of wagon space.
- Assortment, packetting and strapping of wood products.
- Assistance with goods quality tests