Dear Business Partner,

Gubik LászlóWelcome to ZÁHONY-PORT Zrt. As the leader of our limited company, let me introduce you to the wide range of logistic services we offer and the decades of experience we have had in transshipping and warehousing international rail cargo. Záhony Transshipping Area is an important place in East-West rail transport as it is the chief railway junction on the Trieste–Budapest–Kiev–Moscow–Horgors (China) major transport corridor. This is where the European standard gauge railway network meets the eastern broad gauge system. Transshipping, made necessary by the 89mm difference in gauge between the two systems, has been going on here for over 60 years since 1948. The land transshipping complex, often called the eastern gateway to Hungary, comprises Záhony and another eight railway terminals in its vicinity, with a total area of 84km2.

Our principal activity is transshipping cargo arriving from the Commonwealth of Independent States and countries beyond via Ukraine border crossing stations (Csop–Záhony and Batyevo–Eperjeske) in cars on broad gauge (1520 mm) railway into standard (1435 mm) gauge cars. In addition, we also offer connecting logistic services, road transport transloading services, warehousing, shipping and customs services to our customers.

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László Gubik
General Manager