Metal industry services

The highly qualified technical personnel of ZÁHONY-PORT Zrt with over 60 years of experience in the maintenance, repair and development of transloading equipment is ready to repair loaders and perform other metalwork and wood industry work.

Manufacturing, repair and maintenance of railway engineering equipment
  • - Repair of wagon elements,
  • - Repair of containers,
  • - Manufacturing of special loading equipment,
  • - Manufacturing of special cargo securing devices,
  • - Cargo securing services.



Metal industry services
  1. Repair of third party mobile loaders and lifting machines,
  Manufacturing steel ties for concrete construction work,
  1. Hall construction,
  Manufacturing balustrade elements
Manufacture and painting of steel frames,   Manufacturing scaffolds
Manufacture of manhole covers,   Manufacturing agricultural machine parts
Manufacturing wrought-iron style fence panels,   Other metal industry services: